GPS tracking device – iMDT2000-COMMHUB - Overview

iMDT2000-COMMHUB is GPS tracking device and a kind of screenless version for iMDT200 mobile data terminal. Cost-effective GPS tracking device can be applied to various mobile/wireless applications in low or middle cost range. Also it is programmable and easy-to-understand because it is almost compatible with MS-DOS.

  • Overview
  • Specification
  • SDK Package

GPS tracking device - iMDT2000-COMMHUB

  • Processor & Operating System - Intel 80386EX Processor 33MHz and ROM DOS 6.2 (Virtual Disk using Flash Memory)
  • Customer configurable function keys - High profile & Very convenient 13 Keypad including four function keys (F1..F4)
  • Support any kind of wireless communication - It can be attached to external devices (printer, card reader... etc.)
  • Free Software Development Tool Kit - Setup program(active sync), example test program/source(serial, digital IO, LED/button status etc), Basic materials for developers
GPS tracking device – iMDT2000-COMMHUB
GPS tracking device